My Story

I was raised in a poor household. When my mother was pregnant with me, my father was already indulging in romantic affairs. He was also an alcoholic and violent. My mother and I were very close. I felt her lack of trust, deep insecurity, pain and sadness from a very early age.

Children become quite resilient but what affected me most was watching my mother become a ghost of the woman that she once was. However, as her confidence and self-worth vanished, her capacity to love and give love seemed to grow. There wasn’t a minute that I didn’t feel it.

Breast cancer stole mum when she was only 44. I was 13 years old. Even then I knew that her bottled up negative emotions contributed to her illness. I’m not saying all cancers are caused this way, but I do believe that stress, low self-worth, depression, anxiety and extreme sadness can all be contributing factors. Mum was so incredibly healthy – there is to me, no other explanation.

My mother was a huge believer in natural medicines. We had garlic oil for earaches, fennel seeds to settle our tummies and chicken broths for colds. It was my mother who taught me about natural medicine, and I believe it was her mother who taught her the empirical knowledge of natural medicine. I guess you can say it's in my blood.

Mum’s passing ignited my interest in the human body. I wanted to understand how our state of mind can affect our bodies and what we can do to heal. Mum was an amazing woman who gave love and healed everyone around her, but she forgot to give to herself. I didn’t want my mother’s life and death to mean nothing, so I made a choice. I chose and still choose to never be a victim. And so, my journey began.

I’ve been a model. I was a keen party-animal. I’ve been super-skinny. I have been fat. I've been a devoted vegan and student yogi. I accomplished a black belt in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and have fought at an amateur-professional level. I've been depressed and paralysed with grief. I have had psoriasis all over my body for a number of years, and I’ve had more than my fair share of health complaints and body issues.

I spent a lot of my twenties visiting health retreats and doing many types of fasting, meditation and intensive yoga and detoxification courses. I worked through my insecurities, grief, fear, lack of trust and low self-worth. I have always marched to the beat of a different drum. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind. I know inherently that if you bottle things up inside, they become toxic to no one else but you.

Today, I am a qualified naturopath, author and creative director and most importantly for me, a mother to two beautiful souls. In 2005, I founded the first organic health spa in Australia which I sold after twelve years of challenging but rewarding clinical practice. I know that great health is as much about the food you eat as it is your state of mind. They’re intrinsically linked and when you’re living a life in tune with both, you’re living your best life possible.

To me, acquiring and sharing this knowledge forms the work I do. My journey is testament to the fact that you can accomplish whatever you want in your life, no matter where you come from. You are not your ‘story’. There will always be people and situations that want to pull you down, but real power is not power over others or even over the situations, real power is over one’s self.

Thanks for dropping by. Sending love and good vibes, and I hope we get to hang out some more.

SM x