No fuss, no fad, no frills.. we like things simple and we keep it real.

I am a qualified naturopath with twenty years of experience. I look after the wellbeing of people from all walks of life as my day job.

Natural medicine is in my blood. My mother used traditional methods of healing which she learnt from her mother. This wonderful empirical wisdom passed down through generations from our spiritual ancestors, this same knowledge which is thankfully re-emerging today.

My purpose here on Earth, is to share this wisdom that I know to be so true and inspire people to live a most authentic life. No matter how rich, successful or talented we are, if we don’t take responsibility for our own wellbeing - how we think, how we act, what we keep inside us and what we show to the world - then we haven’t really lived.

Here at The Health Dose, we aim to deliver with authenticity (you have to walk your talk).

Myself and my longtime assistant, soul-sister Aimee - are the only ones behind the scenes (ok well, maybe our husbands and kids pop in on occasion). The same heads sharing on social, answering your comments and owners of the fingers getting back to enquiries. All online consultations and programs are by me, no gimmicks or robots involved. And all products are handcrafted at my home in Pacific Palms where you can come and stay for your next retreat.

Thanks for dropping by. Sending love and good vibes, and I hope we get to hang out some more.


SM x