Naturopathic Consultations


A good naturopath works like a detective. A series of strange questions coupled with training helps us to work out what’s going on with you. We’re all individuals and have our unique state of health as well as different needs and requirements. My goal is to assist in your health management by arming you with knowledge and guiding you through challenges, so you reach your Best Self.

EXPRESS is an online 15 minute health check via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Recommended for those who are generally on top of their health or already working with a health practitioner and just require some targeted assistance e.g. which products are best suited for your concern.

COMPREHENSIVE is an online 15 minute health check plus a Health Management program emailed within 48 hours of your appointment which includes individualised diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. For people who would like a little extra help, push or kick up the butt with a roadmap planned out to help achieve your goals. 

BESPOKE is the standard online naturopathic consultation for those who have a few concerns and feel lighter by off-loading to a health practitioner. I’ve scrapped the longer initial and shorter follow-up consultation times. All sessions are 45 minute duration and include a Health Management program emailed within 48 hours of your appointment. 

BESPOKE PACKAGE is the above Bespoke consultation plus your own handcrafted bottle of 500ml herbal medicine based on your health analysis and with your specific concern(s) in mind, delivered straight to your door anywhere in the world.

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