The Seven Secrets of the Timeless Woman

Sir Francis Bacon knew what he was talking about when he said, “Knowledge is power.” The female gender has without a doubt reinstated its influence through accessibility to knowledge, overcoming the restraints of physical strength or persuasive force once used to make her cower. In fact, after years of professing women were the weaker gender, a quiet murmur can now be heard admitting a possible mistake in judgement.  

Talk of Mother Earth connection, goddess energy and the almighty female is no longer reserved for the LSD-imbibing hippy or the dropout who’s hit one too many bongs. The very notion of feminine power is everywhere when we dig deep. From Hindu gods like Durga, Kali, Sarasvati; Greek goddesses like Hera, Athena and Aphrodite; and the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang where the balance of male and female energies is essential for harmony; throughout time, women were adored, celebrated and treated with utmost respect. It was only with the advent of (man made) religion, that women who chose not to be subservient and instead displayed their strength and resilience, were burnt at the stake as a method to invoke fear and dowse her power. 

Armed with knowledge, we are able to question what was once taken as common law. For example, you don’t need to be a feminist to get that marriage is less about a holy matrimony and was actually borne of a patriarchal contract. I’m not saying all marriages should be annulled due to gross insincerities, but we have to admit that historically, the very notion of marriage was not founded on love and union as some like to profess. Rather, marriage set families up to either gain or retain wealth. Arranged marriages are still customary in many cultures worldwide and we don’t have to don hairy armpits and burn bras in our spare time, to get that the ‘arrangement’ is less in favour of gender equality and more akin to economic stability. 

As a result, women are no longer convinced and by breaking the shackles of oppression, alarming things are happening. In America for example, a divorce is filed every thirteen seconds. In Australia, young women are choosing to delay marriage with economic self-stability taking priority. People living together are increasingly egalitarian, dividing child-rearing responsibilities and household chores equally, or else shown the exit door. 

From women taking the top seats in high-ranking corporations; the dating reversal with older women hooking up with younger men; and ousting chauvinistic behaviour with campaigns such as #MeToo - we’re definitely living in transformational times. But as conventional views and long-standing traditions are thrown out, I believe more and more so, women are confused as to their place in society, and with the opposite sex. 

Enter the era of The Timeless Woman.  

We're living longer thanks to developments in medicine and science. Age-defying secrets are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. The rose-tinted glasses have fallen off when it comes to commercialism, and we're remembering how to look after ourselves and our planet once again. Much like the Age of Aquarius, we are witnessing massive shifts better known as the perennial generation, a term coined by savvy entrepreneur, Gina Pell: “Perennials are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who live in the present time, know what's happening in the world, stay current with technology, and have friends of all ages. We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded, risk takers who continue to push up against our growing edge and know how to hustle.”  

Knowledge and a global support network have provided the Timeless Woman with a voice and room to move. So, who is she?

The Timeless Woman is notorious.
 Just as wolves don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep, she is her own best friend and doesn’t compare herself to others, as she is aware that comparison is the root of all insecurity. She knows self-esteem starts with believing in yourself. She is fierce when faced with oppression and chuckles at the silly chauvinist. She is a master of three little words - BE, DO, HAVE. Yet, she doesn’t sport unshaven legs, hasn’t freed the nipple or doesn’t feel the need to dance naked at women’s circles to prove her point.

The Timeless Woman is content with what she has. She knows happiness stems from being content with what you have, and the grass always tends to look greener but isn’t so. She understands the law of duality is always at work. A rich person for example, might have problems around motivation because they lack the incentive of making money to survive. They might also suffer relationship issues, forever questioning whether their sweetheart is with them purely for the dough. The Timeless Woman knows there is always a flipside, like Side A and B on a cassette tape, upbeat or chill tunes, it just depends which way you’re looking at it.

The Timeless Woman makes time for herself. It is not selfish, self-less in fact. By making herself a priority on her to-do list, her friends and family benefit too. Her children have a mother who spends quality time with them rather than sweating the small stuff and flying off the handle at any inconvenience. She is better equipped to move out of her ‘masculine’ energy, busily ticking off the daily chores, and is able to find repose in her ‘feminine’ energy - which means love, affection and perhaps even, hot sex with her partner. And, she is a better listener to those she mixes with, as she no longer has a list of must-complete tasks swirling around in her head. It’s a win-win for everybody.

The Timeless Woman is genuine. She knows it’s not the clothes she wears, but how she holds herself and what she thinks about herself that encourages the wolf-whistles and stops traffic. She didn’t need to attend finishing school or hours of grueling ballet to get that being hot is an intricate dance of attitude and posture. Her base chakra channel which grounds her to Mother Earth energy is clear and connected, which bestows an ego-less confidence that makes people buckle at their knees in awe of her elegance and genuineness. She is Woman. Hear her roar.

The Timeless Woman commits. She shows up and takes the bull by its horns. She has little interest in superficial chatter in favour of deep connection met with a desire to share soul stories. She does not walk away from confrontation and chooses to suck the marrow out of life. She understands there is no such thing as instant gratification, rather, it's time-in with blood, sweat, tears and heart that gets you what you want. She defines the Law of Attraction as this: You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you already are. 

The Timeless Woman doesn’t take herself so seriously. There are plenty of times where she has fallen flat on her face, or had her heart ripped out of her chest and discarded as worthless meat. She has also worked out that when she’s conquered something, the goal post somehow moves. Life is not rigid, change is imminent and if we stop learning, we die. She has the humility to know she doesn’t have all the answers and her only true expertise is the ability to dust off her knees and learn from failure without the loss of enthusiasm and always with a lightness of being. Humour is her mantra.

The Timeless Woman knows beauty lies within her heart. She knows she’s not her body and that it simply houses her soul. She doesn’t buy into the numbers game when it comes to ageing. Instead, she gets that growing older is inevitable and a part of the life cycle. She chooses to mature gracefully and health-fully because The Timeless Woman appreciates the only lasting beauty is the beauty within her heart. She recognises that ageing is a gift of clarity, insight and wisdom with the aspect of an eagle.


SM x